Eichtens Cheese and Bison
Artisan Cheeses and American Bison

How We Got Started

1976 - Joe and Mary Eichten, after raising 10 children on their Midwest dairy farm, became the first farm in the United States to produce a value added product which became a farmstead cheese plant operation. The cheese of choice was a Dutch Gouda, produced just as on the farms in Holland.

1977 - This family owned business was simply retail sales direct from the farm. The first seasoned cheese, Herb Gouda was produced.

1978 - Eichten's 1st award winning recognition for their Gouda cheese. Became known as one of the first "Natural Foods Company." Wholesale sales were introduced.

1980 - Mary's Tilsit was developed. It took 3 years to perfect her recipe to become what she felt was truly American pre-ripened cheese. It has become a Minnesota signature cheese.

1987 - American Bison Arrive! The need for an all natural healthy meat to compliment the natural cheeses became evident. The bison adapted well to Eichten's natural prairie grass feeding program.

1990 - Brought many new changes including expansion of new aging rooms and a packaging facility.

1999 - Award Winning continues with the highest 1st place score ever given in regional cheese competitions.

2005 - The bison (a natural low fat meat) has become a high demand product with consumers. Eichten's received three top awards with their Artisan Goudas.

2007 - Olive Tapenade Gouda and Garlic Blue Gouda Spread were developed.

2010 - Brenda Carlson, granddaughter and the third generation to come back to the family farm.

2012 - Our first Bagel Spread made with natural honey and cranberries was introduced.

2010 - Started producing goat's milk Gouda as goats milk cheeses were becoming more in demand.

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